Mark Maren has been working as a sports agent for many years

December 11th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Mark Maren has been working as a sports agent for many years. He has over eleven years of experience working with players, both active and retired, who play American Football. This includes players who have played in both the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. However, his expertise is not confined to one sport—Mark Maren has also served as an agent for athletes in other sports. Amongst his clients are people who have played in some of the most prestigious competitions in the world—the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, and Pro Bowl included.

Mark Maren received his Bachelors of Arts in Sports Management from West Virginia University, where he played for the varsity soccer team on scholarship. He would later play professional soccer in Canada, which is where he comes from, before becoming a sports agent. He has thrived as a sports agent by developing meaningful and close relationships with his clients. This helps him to understand their specific needs and ensure that those are met at all times.